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This system of Mesoamerican reefs spans over twenty-two kilometers, extended in white beaches that frame it. but they are not the only thing that will make you love the island. Thanks to its great marine biodiversity, it is considered an ideal place.

"It is the place in Mexico to receive the first sunrays."

WATERFRONT PROMENADE Walk along the waterfront promenade enjoying the beautiful sculptures and lookouts, the children's laughter and the romantic walk of the couples that walk by the hand reflecting the sweetness of the turquoise blue of the Caribbean that expands to the other edge of the world. Stop in front of the diver's monument that represents the emblematic and amazing underwater life that conquers the senses of those who dare to explore it, carrying their oxygen tank to survive in the depths.

THE CENTRAL SQUARE Walk through the central square and meet the neighbors who stroll in the evenings with an ice cream in one hand and churritos in the other. Sit on a bench under the stretched palm trees and the royal poincianas that give you the orange of their flowers and the fresh green of its leaves as a frame for the historic buildings to one side, and the Caribbean Sea to the other. Get wet on the fountain floor and watch the boys jump, play and laugh among the singing streams of water that rise from the floor.

ART AND GASTRONOMY Explore the shops and galleries that offer the artistic creations of the people from Cozumel and artists from all over the country, and bring home a souvenir that will draw a smile on your face every time you remember your visit to the island. Choose a restaurant that humors you and offers you food from the surrounding sea or from the earth you step on to.

Did you know

  • Cozumel is the Island of Swallows
  • The underwater world is a protected marine park
  • The Mayans arrived a long time ago
  • There are many beautiful beaches to explore
  • The Holy Cross Festival is a colorful local event
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